About Visha Loo


The Vain, Vindictive Voguish Visha Loo is Calgary's own alternative culture darling. Everything from International Performer/Bendy weirdo, Model, Latex Designer to Hair Stylist and Event promoter.

She does it all in The Land That is, Visha Loo.


In Visha's own words; "I may be a freak, but I do it well!" Not content as just a pretty face that can bend her body, Visha Loo has also become a role model for all of the strange, unique and eccentric souls across the world. Welcome to The Land That is Visha Loo where you can be you!

13 years ago she could not touch her toes. Taking an interest in contorting, Visha Loo literally "ran away to the circus" and began stretching. Through hard work, dedication and training she has performed in the USA, Europe and Canada and has been in film and on TV

With a dash of classic circus, a touch of burlesque, a pinch of Fetish and of course a good splash of horror, Visha has a eccentric performance to satisfy any audience.

Visha is an accomplished fashion designer. Her own latex line of clothing Deetz can be seen in live performances, as well as in fashion shows and magazines. Visha Loo is constantly changing her look all of the time and likes to keep it fresh. Her unique look combines elements of "Disney meets Horror", which she has used in the last decade as a premier Alternative model.

Visha has appeared on multiple covers and has been printed inside more than 50 publications. Her unique appearance, a diminutive stature and 30 facial and body piercings, makes her a desirable subject for countless Bizarre fashion shows and alternative projects. Not limited to looking good and literally bending over backwards to entertain, Visha started Crimson Events and Lube Lucha.



“Visha Loo put on an adorably twisted performance that is as unique as it is impressive. I’m looking forward to the next time I see her perform!”
— Jordan Pachco - Writer/Director
“Visha Loo has a unique ability to blend a fervent erotic flare with a dark delicious goth style. She makes moves on the stage that us mortals can only dream of performing in our darkest sensual fantasies”
— Oliver Robins (Poltergeist)
“You’re amazing”
— Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th)
“You’re right...you do fucked up well”
— Dad
“Id like to say I first saw Visha Loo at a convention. She had been running around and heard she was a self taught contortionist and closed my table up to see her show. It was worth it. The way she did her show and the music was amazing and its worth it to have her at a convention and shes a very nice person to boot, Id recommend having her she is amazing little bundle of engery and surprise”
— Screams Linnea Quigley
“Visha’s stage show consistently brings the impossible to life! I have been turning to her for years as she is easy to work with and is the ultimate professional.”
— Carman Portelli - Event Organizer
“After 10 years and over 150 horror conventions, I was pretty certain that I had witnessed and experienced everything that horror cons have to offer. That is until last Friday night, uptop of the Calgary tower, when the darkened stage was lit and a petite girl wrapped in a Latex Chucky costume got into position. “Hi, I’m Chucky... Wanna Play?” As that familiar voice echoed through the tower, the performer hypnotized the crowd for the next 5 minutes with her maniacal grace and devilish charm. This is who I’ve been hearing about... this is Visha Loo! Viciously blending her unique style of contortionism, dance, and blood... Visha captivated the audience with her wickedly playful and demonically sensual performance, as she joyfully pranced, amidst a steadily increasing pool of blood, from one impossible position to the next. When the performance ended, and the blood settled... the room remained haunted and intrigued by her alluringly diabolical exhibition, leaving us all uneasy, unsettled, and wanting more!”
— Alex Vincent (Childs Play)
“Following the ceremony, local alternative model/contortionist Visha Loo put on a very special, very mind-blowing performance—that of which she conducted to the theme song of Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses, and opened with an authentic Reagan MacNeil-inspired spider walk down a full spiral staircase. It was absolutely the most impressive thing I have ever personally witnessed; how a person can actually manage to pull that off is beyond me.”
— Lacey Paige
“The only thing Visha Loo can twist and contort even further than her body is her dark and devious mind. Theatrical, sultry and spooky, she’s an instant favourite on any stage privileged to catch one of her kinky contortion performances.” Isaac Terpstra / DJ Pandemonium Producer Sin City Fetish Night Vancouver Fetish Weekend
— Isaac Terpstra / DJ Pandemonium Producer Sin City Fetish Night & Vancouver Fetish Weekend
“Visha Loo’s performance was perfectly tailored to my event. Her professional and fun manner both on and off the stage is only overshadowed by her incredible talent.”
— Jeff McNair – Event Organizer